The RoofSpace I-Roof complete room in roof system is fully designed and engineered to conform to Eurocode 5.  Bespoke roof cassettes, manufactured in the controlled environment of our modern manufacturing facility, span from ridge to eaves supported by timber glulam beams. The glulam beams sit in pockets formed in our timber frame spandrel panels to form a complete habitable roof solution.


Fire performance
The RoofSpace I-Roof system is designed to provide a substrate ready for standard dry lining practice to complete to Approved Document B standards.


The RoofSpace I-Roof system is fully insulated, with CE marked products, in the controlled environment of our manufacturing facility to ensure a consistent warm envelope.  The manufacture of the insulation used in our panels contain no ozone depleting chemicals meaning the ozone depletion potential is zero. RoofSpace ensure no chemical blowing elements are used during the creation of the insulation meaning the global warming potential arising from its creation is zero.

Our roof cassettes are designed to achieve U/values as low as 0.11W/m2K within the panel without the requirement for under cloaking or additional insulating works on site, the same philosophy is balanced with our timber spandrel panels with U/values for the walls as low as 0.23W/m2K.




U-Roof is a new method of roof frame construction. It uses a patented u-shaped, cold-rolled, galvanised steel profile section which is particularly effective when used in conjunction with rigid Urethane insulation materials enabling low u values and contributing towards credentials for the Code for Sustainable Homes.

It offers significant time and cost savings on traditional roofing solutions and truly is a revolutionary, flexible roofing product, always creating a room in the roof as standard. U-Roof is suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects.

The system comfortably caters for a variety of roof design options including flat-to-pitch conversions and raised eave applications to enable greater usable floor space. Adding dormers or additional storeys to existing building in the future is not a problem as no additional costly structural work should be required.


RoofSpace / Unilin Roof


UNILIN Structural insulated rafter panels are the ideal roofing solution for domestic and commercial construction.

They maximise the roof space by minimising the roof structure - they’re strong, light, and form an integral part of the roof.

As a result, they’re exceptionally quick to lay:
A pair of semi-detached houses can be made watertight and structurally sound in a single day.

UNILIN panels have transformed the housing market in Europe - and with increasing numbers of homes here having ready-made
rooms in the roof, they’re set to transform the market in the UK, too.

•  High thermal efficiency

•  Environmentally sound and cost effective

•  Inherently airtight by design

UNILIN panels come with a large range of internal ceiling finishes to suit any style of room.


RoofSpace Traditional


Speed of installation

Roof trusses also known as trussed rafters hugely reduce the amount of time spent installing the roof structure. The vast majority of cutting in and lining through associated with traditional roof construction is eliminated.

High levels of construction accuracy
Accuracy levels of between 0-5mm are achieved to improve build specification.

Spandrel panels incorporate a specially designed and factory produced timber framed panel that has been specifically targeted to complete the construction of separating walls that would otherwise have to be constructed throughout in masonry.

Spandrel panels offer:
•  One trade time-saving roof solution

•  Avoids additional scaffolding cost at the party wall

•  Complies with current building regulations for fire and sound